[Q] Status of taro and cassava models?



Just enquiring as to the status of the taro and cassava models. Are they active within DSSAT?. Also, I’d like to know which taro and cassava genotypes are parameterised.  – SL



We currently have versions of the cassava and taro models in the DSSAT v4.5, but they do require some further evaluation with local data.

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  1. Mr.j
    April 17, 2012 at 1:19 am #

    Dear Prof.Gerrit Hoogenboom
    I wonder why there are no researcher report concerning a new genetic coefficients parameter of cassava ( i mean GC in the csm cassva on DSSAT 4.5 ) that are different with the old ( Dssat-Gumcas , Hunt and Mettrew) . How do i know these the new parameters like the past that Hunt and Mettrew reported or Where can i search this from ?

    Best regards

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