Soil Module

The Soil module deals with simulation of the dynamics of soil constituents including:

  • Soil water
  • Inorganic soil N
  • Inorganic soil P
  • Inorganic soil K
  • Soil organic matter modules
    • CERES-Godwin soil organic matter module – This is the default soil organic matter module for the DSSAT-CSM for single-season simulations. It requires fewer inputs than the Century-based module and has a long history of use for simulation of cropping systems in DSSAT and other models.
    • CENTURY (Parton) soil organic matter module – A SOM–residue module from the CENTURY model was incorporated in the DSSAT crop simulation models that includes more complex decomposition dynamics and a surface residue layer. By incorporating the CENTURY SOM–residue module, DSSAT crop simulation models have become more suitable for simulating low-input systems and conducting long-term sustainability analyses.
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions Modules
    • Ceres Denitrification
    • DayCent Denitrification
    • N-gas emissions
    • Methane emissions
  • Dynamic soil properties
  • Flood N dynamics