Upcoming Workshop


DSSAT 2020 International Training Program

Assessing Crop Production, Water and Nutrient Management, Climatic Risk, and Environmental Sustainability with Simulation Models

May 18-23, 2020 | The University of Georgia at Griffin, Georgia, USA

Presented by a joint training program of the DSSAT Foundation, Auburn University, University of Florida,  the Institute for Sustainable Food Systems and the International Fertilizer Development Center.


Program Goal and Objectives

The overall goal of this training program is to familiarize participants with a comprehensive computer model for the simulation of crop growth and yield, soil, and plant water, nutrient, and carbon dynamics and their application to real-world problems.

Each participant will receive the DSSAT Software (Version 4.7.5 for Windows) and the book Understanding Options for Agricultural Production.

Specifically, the program will focus on:

  • Operation of the Windows-based Decision Support System for Agrotechnology Transfer (DSSAT) Version 4.7.5.
  • Description of the DSSAT-Cropping System Model, CSM and its modules, such as CROPGRO and CERES, and the science embedded in the models.
  • Minimum data requirements and experimental data collection for systems simulation.
  • Integration of crop simulation models with database management and Geographical Information Systems.
  • Application of the DSSAT-CSM model to improve the management of cropping systems.


The registration fee is $1,500 if you register by March 31, 2020, and $1,800 if you register after March 31, 2020. It covers resource material including the DSSAT version 4.7.5 software and the book Understanding Options for Agricultural Production. It also includes AM/PM breaks and lunch on training days, and registration services. It does not cover breakfast, dinner, lodging, health insurance, or transportation. Each participant is responsible for these costs. If you register by March 31, 2020, you are assured of receiving a confirmation package. Enrollment is limited to 50 participants.

  1. By mail: Mail your registration and payment to The University of Georgia, Griffin Campus, Office of Continuing Education, 1109 Experiment Street, Stuckey Conf. Center, Room 125, Griffin, GA 30223 USA.
  2. In person: Come to the Office of Continuing Education, which is located in the Stuckey Conference Center, Room 125, on the Griffin Campus. Business hours 8 am-5 pm, M-F.
  3. By telephone: Our telephone number is 1-770-229-3477. Payment is by credit card only.
  4. By fax: Fill out your registration form and fax it to 1-770-233-6180. Payment is by credit card only.
  5. Online: Online registration through UGA Marketplace
  6. Payment by Wire Transfer: If you are not able to pay using the options given above, you may be able to wire transfer funds to the University of Georgia. Contact the Office of Continuing Education for information on this payment option.