DSSAT Development Sprint Workshop 2014

DSSAT Development Sprint Workshop 2014 Group Photo

DSSAT Development Sprint Workshop 2014 Group Photo

As the new version of DSSAT is getting ready for the public release, the core DSSAT development group gathered together at IFDC HQ in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, for a week-long Development Sprint workshop.

Specific agenda items addressed in the workshop includes:

  • Getting familiar with Git workflow (Yes, DSSAT v4.6 codes are being collaboratively developed at GitHub)
  • Packaging of the overall DSSAT v4.6 version
  • Handling of [WARNING], [INFO], and [ERROR] files
  • Improving energy balance routines
  • Developing a code testing procedure
  • photo-004

    Items addressed during the workshop

    Improving perennial forage model

  • Improving taro model
  • Improving potassium balance module
  • Website and bug reporting procedure
  • Improving FAO 56 evapotranspiration routine
  • Improving soil temperature module
  • Integration of SALUS-Simple model
  • Improving CERES-Rice model
  • Integration of ASI to CERES-Maize model
  • Integration of AgMaize, a new maize model


Not all of these will get included in the DSSAT v4.6 release, but the group will continue working hard on these to be included in the future releases.

PS. Bonus! Here is Cheryl’s presentation on the DSSAT-CSM modular programming technique on Day 1:

PPS. And, some selfies!

DSSAT Selfie #1

DSSAT Selfie #1

DSSAT Selfie #2

DSSAT Selfie #2


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