The 2nd DSSAT Development Sprint Workshop 2014

Smile - Say "DSSAT"

Smile – Say “DSSAT”

Once again, as the new version of DSSAT is getting really-close to the public release, the core DSSAT developers gathered together at IFPRI HQ in Washington, DC, for a week-long Development Sprint workshop, second such event in 2014.

Participants are:

  • Upendra Singh (IFDC)
  • Jim Jones (University of Florida)
  • Cheryl Porter (University of Florida)
  • Jeff White (USDA-ARS, Maricopa)
  • Bruce Kimball (USDA-ARS, Maricopa)
  • Kelly Thorp (USDA-ARS, Maricopa)
  • Kendall DeJonge (USDA-ARS, Ft. Collins)
  • Gerrit Hoogenboom (Washington State University)
  • Vakhtang Shelia (Washington State University)
  • Richard Ogoshi (University of Hawaii)
  • Jon Lizaso (University Polytechnic, Madrid, Spain)
  • Phil Alderman (CIMMYT)
  • Jawoo Koo (IFPRI)
  • Myriam Adam (CIRAD/ICRISAT)
  • Mohamed Youssef (North Carolina State University)
  • Lamyaa Negm (North Carolina State University)
  • Amor Ines (Columbia University)
  • Eunjin Han (Columbia University)
  • David Kelly (University of Chicago)
  • Patricia Moreno (CIAT)
  • Honda Kiyoshi (Chubu Institute for Advanced Studies)
  • Rassarin Chinnachodteeranum (Chubu Institute for Advanced Studies)

Specific agenda items addressed in the workshop includes:

  • Specific crops
    • Taro
    • ASI maize
    • Sorghum model
    • CROPGRO-Wheat — vernalization, head vs. pods
    • Cassava
    • Forage model within DSSAT shell (5 species)
    • Handling of new species, crops
  • Plant processes
    • Pest and disease coupling
    • Winter crops under snow cover and air temperature
  • Soil, Plant, Atmosphere
    • FAO-56 ET
    • Potassium
    • Soil Temperature — linkage with energy balance
    • Energy balance
    • Root growth
    • Tillage
    • 2D Water and N balance model (roots too)
    • DRAINMOD management modules
    • Weather data — filling missing
    • Automation irrigation options: limited water, forecasts, growth stage
    • Linking seasonal climate models
  • General CSM functionality (I/O, etc.)
    • Flexible model control/input formats
    • Flexible model output formats
    • Improved data structures for inputs/outputs
    • Compliance with ICASA standards
    • Incorporating totally new models
    • Parameter Estimation (with time-series data) — Metropolis-Hastings
    • Model evaluation: sensitivity, initialization, cross validation (test suites)
    • Next Generation object-oriented CSM
  • General modeling-related
    • Data standards, data interchange
    • ICASA Data Exchange v2.0
    • DSSAT per se
    • DSSAT 4.6 release
    • Incorporating new tools in DSSAT shell
    • DSSAT as a web service, cloud services
    • Plan for systematic releases of DSSAT
  • Software management
    • Open source strategy
    • Issue Tracking System (Jira)
    • Model documentation
    • Managing tools or other software via Github


About Jawoo Koo

Research Fellow at International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), Washington, DC. Working on the meso-scale crop systems modeling applicaitons for Sub-Saharan Africa region.

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