“Thank You” note from the ICTP and AGRHYMET

ictp_head_logoThe Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), Italy, in collaboration with the AGRHYMET Regional Center, Niger, organized a workshop on “Climate Applications for Food Security” from September 28 to October 2, 2015 in Niamey, Niger.

DSSAT v4.6 was one of the tools used in the hand-on training of the workshop, and the organization committee sent us a warming acknowledgement note:

Dear Gerrit,

The ICTP/AGRHYMET workshop on climate applications for food security was successfully conducted at CRA Niamey from 28 Sept- Oct 2 2015. The hands-on activities were conducted with DSSATv4.6 and other tools.

On behalf of the organizing committee and also the participants, we’d like to acknowledge you & DSSAT foundation for making the set-up & license of DSSAT cropping system model available for our activities during the workshop.

Best regards,
Seyni (on behalf of the organizing committee)

Dr. Seyni Salack,
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
Campus Alpin – Institute of Meteorology and Climate Research (IMK-IFU)

About Jawoo Koo

Research Fellow at International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), Washington, DC. Working on the meso-scale crop systems modeling applicaitons for Sub-Saharan Africa region.

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