CRAFT: A New Spatial Yield Forecasting Tool

The CCAFS Regional Agricultural Forecasting Toolbox (CRAFT) is a software platform designed for yield forecasting at spatial resolutions of either 5 or 30 arc-minutes using an ensemble modeling approach. Currently the DSSAT, APSIM, and SARRA-H crop simulation models have been implemented for nine important food and feed crops using the AgMIP IT tools. CRAFT was an initiative of CCAFS and was developed in partnership with the Asia Risk Center, Washington State University, and the University of Florida. CRAFT has been successfully applied for in-season yield forecasting of wheat and rice cropping systems in Nepal and Bangladesh and is currently being evaluated for yield forecasting and climate change applications in West Africa in collaboration with the WASCAL Project, Agrhymet, and the CASCAID Project of ICRISAT.

CRAFT Version 3.4 was recently released and can be downloaded from the Google Drive:

Download CRAFT v3.4

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