[Q] How do you run DSSAT on Linux/Mac OS?

Unfortunately, for Linux/MacOS users, there is no installation for these platforms yet. Most of the tools we use in DSSAT were developed for Windows platform. In this case, you need to install a Virtual Machine in order to run Windows platform. If you are using a MacOS M1/M2 computer chip, please follow the second approach using parallels.


DSSAT-CSM for Linux/MacOS users using Intel computer chip


Step 1:

To get started with the installation you need to install the VirtualBox. Please see the link below to download the VirtualBox (there is no charge to download and install VirtualBox):


The video below can help you with the installation of VirtualBox on your platform:


Step 2:

After installing the VirtualBox tool, you also need to download the Windows platform installation (.iso). This is a big file (5Gb or more) that you can download from the Microsoft portal, following the link below:


This video below can help you with the installation of Windows 10 in your VirtualBox:


Step 3:

You need to also set up a folder to share files between your Linux/Mac platforms and your Windows platform in your VirtualBox (Mac/Windows). The link below shows you how to do this on your platform:


Step 4:

After finishing all these steps and configurations of your VirtualBox, you need to transfer the DSSAT installation to your shared folder and unzip into your shared folder inside your Windows (VirtualBox).


Step 5:

You can now install DSSAT in your Windows platform in VirtualBox and run DSSAT with all the tools.


DSSAT-CSM for MacOS users using M1/M2 chips


Step 1:

For new MacOS users using M1/M2 chips. You need to download and install parallels. See the link below to access and install parallels.



Step 2:

Please follow the instructions provided by the following tutorial to install the Windows image/system in Parallels.

After installing Windows in Parallels, proceed with the DSSAT installation for Windows.

That’s it. Enjoy DSSAT!

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