WISE 1.1 Global Soil Profiles for DSSAT: 500 Downloads!


Five Hundred!

Intended use of WISE 1.1 / Font size is proportionate to the frequency of each word.

February 9, 2012, marked 500th download of the WISE 1.1 Soil Profile Database. To celebrate, we created a little Wordleusing the users’ responses to our question on the intended use of the dataset.


WISE 1.1

The official DSSAT v4.0 distribution included a soil profile database from the ISRIC WISE Global Soil Profile Database v1.0 ( converted to use in DSSAT (Gijsman et al., 2007). The updated version of the soil profile database, WI.SOL, is based on the WISE Global Soil Profile Database v1.1, which includes about 4,300 soil profiles globally. Of those, about 3,400 soil profiles were converted to use with DSSAT by Romero et al. (publication forthcoming) using the same conversion method described in Gijsman et al., 2007.


Where can I get it?

The updated version of WI.SOL can be downloaded from here.

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