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DSSAT 2024 International Training Program at the University of Georgia

DSSAT Foundation – The University of Georgia – Griffin Campus, Griffin, Georgia USA

The DSSAT annual training was held from May 20 to 25, 2024, at the Stuckey Auditorium, Griffin Campus, University of Georgia, USA. The event was led by 9 DSSAT faculty members with 65 participants from 31 different countries. The participants received a warm welcome from Prof. Dr. Gerrit Hoogenboom, Prof. Dr. Jeffrey F.D. Dean, Assistant Provost and Campus Director, UGA-Griffin, and Mr. Dick Morrow, Former Griffin Mayor and Griffin and Spalding County Commissioner.

The DSSAT training consisted of 26 exercises that participants completed over the course of the week. Additionally, 28 presentations were delivered, focusing on the subjects of assessing crop production, water and nutrient management, climatic risk, and environmental sustainability using simulation models.

A group lunch was organized at The Research and Education Garden, located at 129 W Ellis Rd, and the participants enjoyed a dinner at Margo’s Mediterranean Cuisine, 1136 West Taylor Street. All registered participants received a comprehensive set of materials, including exercises, presentations, a group picture, certificates, and contact details of the DSSAT faculty and participants.

The DSSAT faculty are committed to continuing their online assistance to help participants for simulating their own field data using the model.

31 countries represented by 64 participants (maximum capacity) and 10 faculty members

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