[Q] Any restriction of using DSSAT in commercial projects?



I understand DSSAT is free to download, but was wondering if there are any restrictions with regard to its use in commercial projects, as long as it’s fully referenced, or perhaps on publication of the results. Can you advise as to whether there are any restrictions like these?



DSSAT and the Cropping System Model can be used for any application, as long as appropriate credit is provided and the source is recognized. We are working towards an Open Source system in the near future.

For the citation, please use:

Hoogenboom, G., J.W. Jones, P.W. Wilkens, C.H. Porter, K.J. Boote, L.A. Hunt, U. Singh, J.L. Lizaso, J.W. White, O. Uryasev, F.S. Royce, R. Ogoshi, A.J. Gijsman, G.Y. Tsuji, and J. Koo. 2012. Decision Support System for Agrotechnology Transfer (DSSAT) Version 4.5.X.X (Replace X.X with sub-version numbers in your output files) [CD?ROM]. University of Hawaii, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Jones, J.W., G. Hoogenboom, C.H. Porter, K.J. Boote, W.D. Batchelor, L.A. Hunt, P.W. Wilkens, U. Singh, A.J. Gijsman, and J.T. Ritchie. 2003. DSSAT Cropping System Model. European Journal of Agronomy 18:235?265.

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