Cropping Systems Modeling under Changing Climate

The book entitled “Cropping Systems Modeling under Changing Climate” aims at bringing out comprehensive information on cropping systems modelling in the world. The major focus of the book is to address the integration of soil, plant, and environmental interactions for climate smart agriculture. The book covers aspects of the application of Decision Support System for Agrotechnology Transfer (DSSAT) for climate smart agriculture. Step-by-step details of application of modelling approaches used for various cropping systems under changing climate are provided and that are being adopted by farmers across the globe. The book is enriched with figures and diagrams to show the various mechanisms involved to support the decision making for climate change adaptations. Essential information is given regarding crop models calibration, evaluation, and application, and each chapter is comprised of a specific cropping system. Further contents include integration of climate models and crop models for refining the decisions for sustaining the production of various cropping systems for climate smart agriculture.

The book assists the agricultural scientists involved in research regarding climate smart agriculture for improving the standards of agricultural research for ensuring food security under changing climate. The book is also equally useful for policy makers being involved in future planning

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