Past Workshops

DSSAT participates in the Agricultural Model Exchange Initiative

A model development workshop was held at the University of Florida April 9-11, 2019 to collaborate on the Agricultural Model Exchange Initiative (AMEI), an open initiative that aims to address challenges for exchanging model units at different granularities between modeling frameworks. Pierre Martre and Cyrille Midingoyi from INRA and Christophe Pradal from CIRAD traveled to […]

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DSSAT 2019 @ Vietnam

The significant rise in the frequency of extreme weather events in recent years has affected agricultural production systems and posture severe problems to farmers, agricultural scientists and extension officers, especially for making decisions at a field level. Hence, it is necessary to strengthen the capacity of regional extension personnel and scientists by providing significant strategies […]

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10th DSSAT Development Sprint at the University of Florida

The 10th DSSAT Development Sprint was held from January 07-11, 2019, at the Institute for Sustainable Food Systems & Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department of the University of Florida. The DSSAT Development Sprints are open to anyone interested in programming, but note these are not advanced training workshops.

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DSSAT 2018 @ Thailand

The DSSAT 2018 & MWCropDSS International Training Program was successfully held at the Green Lake Resort Hotel, Chiang Mai, Thailand from August 27 through September 1, 2018. A total of 24 participants from China (4), Bhutan (1), India (1), Indonesia (1), Japan (1), Thailand (15), USA (1), and 2 observers attended the workshop. The workshop […]

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DSSAT 2018 @ Jamaica

Over the period July 16-27, 2018, the Department of Physics, University of the West Indies, in concert with the Department of Life Sciences (Mona and St. Augustine) facilitated a Training Workshop on Crop Simulation Modelling, Climate change and Livestock Impact Assessment. The workshop consistent of two one week sections, one basic and one advanced. The […]

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9th DSSAT Development Sprint at the University of Arizona

The 9th DSSAT Development Sprint was held from July 09-13, 2018, at the Maricopa Agricultural Research Center (MAC) of the University of Arizona in collaboration with the Arid Land Agricultural Research Center (ALARC) of USDA-ARS. The workshop was attended by scientists from Brazil, Jordan, Mexico, South Korea, and the USA. One of the main goals […]

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DSSAT 2018 International Training Program at the University of Georgia

Agricultural scientists from across the world met on the University of Georgia Griffin Campus from May 14-19, 2018 to learn about the latest Version 4.7.2 of the DSSAT computer software program. The Decision Support System for Agrotechnology Transfer (DSSAT) helps researchers predict the growth and yield of various crops in response to the genetics, weather […]

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DSSAT 2018 @ Indonesia

A DSSAT training workshop was held from April 9 through April 13, 2018 at the Training Center of Pt. Great Giant Pineapple, Terbanggi Besar Km 77, Lampung Tengah, Indonesia. The workshop was attended by 21 participants who were introduced to an updated version of the ALOHA-Pineapple model of DSSAT Version 4.7, with specific applications as […]

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DSSAT 2018 @ Tunisia

A DSSAT International Training Program was held from March 19 through March 24, 2018 at Hôtel du Parc, Tunis, Tunisia. The workshop was financially sponsored by the Bundesanstalt für Geowissenschaften und Rohstoffe (BGR) in Hannover, Germany as part of the Coopération régionale pour une Gestion Durable des Ressources en Eau au Maghreb Project. The workshop […]

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DSSAT 2018 IITA International Training Program

Decision Support for Agrotechnology Transfer (DSSAT) Team Leader and Facilitator, Gerrit Hoogenboom, led a team of DSSAT experts from the University of Florida on a 5-day international training program in IITA, Ibadan. The training titled: “Assessing crop production, nutrient management, climatic risk and environmental sustainability with simulation models,” was held from 26 February to 2 […]

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