Soil Profile

A New Global High-Resolution Soil Profile Database for DSSAT

The HarvestChoice Project at IFPRI, in collaboration with IRI at Columbia University and Michigan State University, published a working paper on the development of a new, global high-resolution soil profile database for DSSAT. The dataset is freely available at IFPRI’s Dataverse at

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Converting WISE 1.1 Soil Profile Database for Crop Models

Through the collaboration with HarvestChoice, a team of scientists at the Universities of Georgia and Florida converted 3,404 soil profiles from the World Soil Information (ISRIC) WISE Global Soil Profile Database v1.1 to the DSSAT-compatible format. Beyond the specific locations, this large collection of soil profiles can be used by crop modeling researchers as a […]

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WISE 1.1 Global Soil Profiles for DSSAT: 500 Downloads!

February 9, 2012, marked 500th download of the WISE 1.1 Global Soil Profile Database in DSSAT format. To celebrate, we created a little Wordle using the users’ responses to our question on the intended use of the dataset.

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HC27: Generic Soil Profiles

Complex crop systems models require detailed soil property data that are not always available at regional-level and often blocks scaling up modeling studies. As an option, HarvestChoice presents a pragmatic approach that attempts to characterize any type of soil with a set of 27 generic soil profiles. This dataset, called HC27, may not replace the […]

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