DSSAT participates in the Agricultural Model Exchange Initiative

A model development workshop was held at the University of Florida April 9-11, 2019 to collaborate on the Agricultural Model Exchange Initiative (AMEI), an open initiative that aims to address challenges for exchanging model units at different granularities between modeling frameworks. Pierre Martre and Cyrille Midingoyi from INRA and Christophe Pradal from CIRAD traveled to […]

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CRAFT: A New Spatial Yield Forecasting Tool

The CCAFS Regional Agricultural Forecasting Toolbox (CRAFT) is a software platform designed for yield forecasting at spatial resolutions of either 5 or 30 arc-minutes using an ensemble modeling approach. Currently the DSSAT, APSIM, and SARRA-H crop simulation models have been implemented for nine important food and feed crops using the AgMIP IT tools. CRAFT was […]

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Forecasting in-season wheat and paddy yields using DSSAT

The CCAFS Regional Agriculture Crop Forecasting Toolkit (CRAFT) was developed using DSSAT and tested to estimate in-season crop yields for wheat and paddy in Nepal.

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MarkSim Standalone for Advanced DSSAT Users

Theme 4 of the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) released a new version of MarkSim – MarkSim Standalone, which allows users to generate future daily weather data from command line interface.

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